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  • Name: Brittany
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  • Location: Perry GA US
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Hi, I'm Brittany Davis.

I'm your best friend, and worst nightmare. I love Justin, God, and My Family. I'm a real homebody - a hermit, if you will. I find relaxation in the internet, and craft projects. I'm artistic and creative. Easily entertained. I absolutely adore my camera; as I have a passion for photography. I am indecisive. I always have an opinion, I just rarely state it. I have very few friends, and an even smaller desire to gain new ones. Consider yourself lucky, if I give you the time of day. I now reside with my roots in Perry, Georgia, after a breif haitus in Birmingham, Alabama.

I'm full of holes and tattoos, yet I'm one of the most godly people you will ever know. I have been through the fire, and here I am. I'm still standing. Better yet, I still serve a god who is more powerful than any storm life may bring my way. I thank him everyday for the strength he has blessed me with, and the favor he has bestowed upon my life. I am honored to be the wife of Mr. Justin Davis who is my best friend in this world. He has my back no matter how weak I get. I am so proud of him, and I live for every day we spend together.

I love cooking, and children. My goals in life do not have to deal with fancy cars, or impressive jobs - I merely want to be a mother, and to change someones life.